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A history of value

1968 saw the introduction of the fireplace capable of heating all the radiators. 

Placing the fireplace at the centre of the domestic heating system: this was the intuition of Emilio Manenti, the founder of Jolly Mec. The company consolidated its plans to develop complete systems around the fireplace or stove which  could heat the whole house, independently or integrated with other sources of heat.

The enormous attention paid to the product design and test phases, together with top level training of the technicians involved, have made Jolly Mec a frontrunner in the production of fireplaces, stoves and complete biomass domestic heating systems.  

An eye on the future

A dynamic, qualified and constantly trained team, built on traditional principles but with its eye focused on innovation: Jolly Mec is this and much more. 
International vocation, continuous updating and significant investment in Research and Development: Jolly Mec focuses on continuous experiments aimed at achieving ongoing improvement.

Today Jolly Mec, with its "Made in Italy” products is synonymous of high quality, maximum efficiency and stylish design. 

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