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Care of the Environment

Well-being for mankind and the environment

When we think of the level of comfort we want in our homes, we cannot forget the health of the Planet on which we live. 
Using renewable energy sources as an alternative to fossil fuels that impact the greenhouse effect, means giving a tangible contribution to the equilibrium of the ecosystem.

The ethics-environmental code adopted by Jolly Mec

As evidence of the importance we give to these topics, we have signed a Jolly Mec Environmental Code that foresees the following commitments:

Exclusive use of renewable and environmental friendly fuels
Using wood or its by-products to heat environments is a sustainable choice: the balance between the carbon dioxide emitted by wood when burning and that absorbed by the plant during its lifetime is zero.

Maximum reduction of polluting emissions
The goal of the heating stove and heating fireplace project is to reduce the level of particulates and all harmful emissions in the atmosphere. Residual gas emissions remain well below the allowed minimum values, improving the air we breathe.

Maximising of energy efficiency performance
The Jolly Mec heating stoves and heating fireplaces generate complete combustion with efficiency performances of up to 92.74%. More heat is obtained from smaller amounts of fuel, reducing the exploitation of forest resources to a minimum.

Tangible contributions to well-being in the home
The Jolly Mec heating fireplaces are fitted with a comburent air pipe that connects directly to the outside and guarantees correct pellet combustion, without altering the exchange of oxygen within the environment.

Kyoto Protocol compliance
Thanks to the low emission levels, the Jolly Mec products fully comply with all the Kyoto Protocol requirements, aimed at achieving a 20% decrease by 2020, and the European Directives issued in favour of the use of renewable energy resources.


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