Our commitment to theenvironment

Jolly Mec has believed in wood biomass heating for over 50 years: a clean, renewable and environmentally friendly source of energy.

In fact, biomass converts carbon dioxide into organic material through chlorophyll photosynthesis, returning oxygen to the atmosphere. The same carbon dioxide that is released in the biomass combustion process can be reabsorbed by other plants in the course of their life cycle.

Using wood or wood derivatives to heat homes is therefore a sustainable choice: the balance between the carbon dioxide emitted by the wood during combustion and that absorbed by the plant during its life is zero.

When we think about the living comfort of our homes, we cannot forget the health of the Planet that hosts us. Using renewable energy sources as an alternative to fossil fuels, which affect the greenhouse effect, means making a real contribution to the balance of the ecosystem.

The advantages of biomass

Choosing to heat your home with a modern wood or pellet-fuelled system means adopting an environmentally sustainable and economical heating system.
Biomass as energy source has indeed many advantages. It is:


The costs of biomass fuel are significantly lower than those of fossil fuels such as natural gas and LPG.


Biomass does not produce any new pollutants and the carbon dioxide emitted in combustion re-enters the life cycle of the biosphere.


Modern heating systems such as stoves and fireplaces, using pellets or wood, have high efficiencies certified by national and international bodies.

The Jolly Mec Team works every day to develop innovative biomass heating solutions, with ever higher efficiencies and reduced emissions: from less fuel we get more heat, to the benefit of the environment and the air we breathe.