Jolly Mec: A history of more than 50 years.

The founder

Our story begins with Emilio Manenti, whose experience is a great example of entrepreneurial vision and initiative.

In his words, "Jolly Mec was born from an intuition." Back then, Emilio saw the hearth in his house as an alternative and sustainable heating source that could give warmth to the whole house: hence the idea of connecting the first fireplace to domestic radiators.

After the first experiments, word of the new invention began to spread in the small town in the province of Bergamo. Those who had a chance to see Emilio's invention live were in turn asking if they could heat their homes with an efficient and economical system. The requests for Emilio became more and more numerous; he decided it was time to show them to a wider audience.

Arriving at the first trade fair in the province of Brescia, no one believed his invention: wood from the fireplace could actually heat the radiators in his home. The young entrepreneur, who was involved in much else in life, was completely unaware of the revolution he was making.

1968: the year of the revolution

The first model presented to the public was the Termojolly wood-burning fireplace stove. The success was so great that it prompted Emilio to change his life: in 1968 he began to produce the first fireplaces and later the company Jolly Mec was born. Jolly as a reminder of the versatility of the products, Mec from the acronym of the founder's name: Manenti Emilio Caminetti.

Since 1968 it was a continuous evolution: one after another, it gave birth to a series of models that make today's Jolly Mec range famous.

The values of always with an eye toward the future

Jolly Mec over the years has made innovative craftsmanship its strong point.

The constant search for innovation, reliability and respect for the environment are the core values that have guided the company's path since its inception.

Our team, led by the Manenti family, carries on the vision of founder Emilio day after day. Our daily commitment is aimed at researching more and more innovative solutions to give heat in a sustainable way, in a continuous experimentation that always aims at improvement.

Economic saving and sustainability have always been at the heart of what we do: our heating systems use only renewable and environmentally friendly fuels, which maximize efficiency and reduce emissions. Designing a greener future for us also means thinking about saving our customers money. Jolly Mec products are created to heat your homes while maximizing efficiencies and saving on energy costs.

Learn about the history of Jolly Mec
by retracing the highlights of our journey.


The first fair

LThe first trade show in Palazzolo, province of Brescia. Founder Emilio Manenti presents what would become the first Jolly Mec fireplace model, the Termojolly.

The range expands

The Jolly Mec range expands: the Aerjolly air fireplace is born.

The start of production

Early productions of Jolly Mec heating solutions.


The first air and water range

Founder Emilio Manenti presents the air and water range at the fair.

The company's first headquarters in Telgate

The company at its original location in Telgate, in the province of Bergamo.

The Jolly Mec air baloon

Founder Emilio Manenti during a fair in northern Italy with the symbol of those years, a customized hot air balloon


The wood-gas combi fireplace is born

A revolution in the heating world: the first combined wood and gas Jolly Mec Combi fireplace, shown here at the Fuoco project fair in Verona.

The interview on Rai 3

Founder Emilio Manenti's interview with TGR Regione Lombardia, on Rai 3 – Italian television.


Progetto Fuoco in Verona

The Jolly Mec range presented at the Progetto Fuoco fair in Verona: Ennio Manenti recounts its successes to Studio Aperto (Italia 1- Italian television).

The story continues...

The Manenti family at the helm of Jolly Mec Spa: from left Enrica Manenti, Roberto Manenti, Emilio Manenti, Ennio Manenti.