Legal Warranty Registration

JOLLY MEC Caminetti S.p.A. heat generators are covered by a 24 month Legal Warranty in accordance with EC Directive 199/44/EC and, in any case, by the national legislation of the EU Country in which the heat generator was purchased.

The heat generators Legal Warranty takes effect from the purchase date.

The heat generators, after their installation, can be subject to optional commissioning service provided by a specialized Technical Service Centre.

Jolly Mec Caminetti S.p.A. offers, for the heat generators subject to optional commissioning service, an additional Manufacturer’s Conventional Warranty. The purchaser takes therefore advantage, after the Legal Warranty, of three additional years of warranty on the heat generators boiler body.

The applicable legislation, in the event of any dispute or protest, is the Italian law; in the event of discrepancy between the terminology in Italian and the translation, the Italian interpretation takes precedence. For any dispute, the law courts of Bergamo (Italy) have exclusive jurisdiction.

For any further information on the warranty, please see the Warranty Booklet.

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