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Sharing the knowledge, learning more

Training is our strong point. Dynamism, creativity and personal evolution have always been the distinctive signs of Jolly Mec. This is why we share ideas, experience and knowledge with all our collaborators.

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Training for retailers, service centres, installers, agents

The Jolly Mec group team boasts qualified and international professional figures and is always available to discuss every detail of its products and company organisation with its collaborators and commercial partners. Jolly Mec uses highly specialised personnel for all its specific in-house refresher courses.

Tailored training

A training programme developed to meet the specific requirements of different collaborators and partners is provided with the organisation of ad-hoc modular courses. Jolly Mec periodically organises technical and sales training programmes for retailers, installers and Service Centres.
The Jolly Mec courses are held in the laboratory at our headquarters in Telgate and include theoretical concepts plus practical tests on products and technologies.