Quality policy

Design, quality and technology are at the heart of our company.

With over 50 years of history, Jolly Mec S.p.A. is a leader in a niche market, aiming at constant growth and innovation by improving and consolidating the quality standards achieved. Jolly Mec prioritises the safety of its products in compliance with applicable laws and standards, and also respects the requirements and methodologies established in the UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 standard.

In this regard, Jolly Mec focuses on the responsibility and professionalism of every employee, collaborator and supplier through:
  • Compliance with customer requirements
  • Design research and development
  • Priority research into product conformity
  • Operational efficiency of processes
  • Prevention of non-conformities
  • Compliance with the laws and regulations applicable to the organisation and products

    • To this end, the Management is committed to:
      • Promote constant organisational development
      • Assume an active role in promoting and guiding the activities envisaged for certification
      • Disseminate at all levels the contents of the Manual and of the Instructions, as main tools for the organisational and managerial development of the Company;
      • Verify the results obtained.

      The reference point for the construction of the most suitable organisational model for the implementation of this policy has been identified in the pursuit of the following objectives:
      • Establish, formalise and activate a Quality Development, Management and Control System in accordance with the standards applicable to the organisation and products
      • Ensure compliance with the most restrictive national and international standards and safety requirements, in accordance with customer requirements
      • Constantly monitoring and maintaining the degree of compliance with established requirements
      • Promoting and implementing staff training programmes at all levels in order to optimise the human resources growth process.

      The criterion for verifying the degree of achievement of the objectives inherent in the policy is to refer to indicators directly related to the management parameters deemed particularly significant. These indicators can be periodically reviewed to guide Jolly Mec in terms of improvement.

      The attainment of the actual values in relation to the target values will constitute an element for assessing the fulfilment of the company policy (Management Review). The implementation and maintenance of this policy requires the involvement and commitment of all company employees.
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