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More uniform heat
thanks to the VERTICAL AIR® patent

The VERTICAL AIR® system is a Jolly Mec patent that diffuses hot air vertically instead of horizontally to heat the room more quickly and evenly. In fact, the patented VERTICAL AIR® system promotes better heat distribution in the room thanks to the vertical grilles that extend along the entire height of the stove. When the appliance is lit, you will quickly notice an enveloping feeling of warmth inside the room, from head to toe.

A stove with low electrical consumption: the 24-volt power system

Heating with low electrical consumption: it is now possible through 24-volt power technology. A stove powered by 24 volts (instead of 220V) provides savings in electrical consumption, better combustion control, and greater safety in using the stove.

Using a full 24-volt heating system ensures that the stove operates independently of electricity. In fact, the 24-volt stove combined with the Jolly Mec battery and photovoltaic panel kit can heat the room without the use of electricity. This low-consumption heating system is also particularly effective in the event of a power outage: the stove continues to operate without power, ensuring heat throughout the room.

Safe heating with hermetic technology

The hermetic structure of a pellet stove, insert or fireplace is a system that provides greater safety of use. The hermetic heating system, properly installed, draws all the air necessary for combustion directly from outside, not consuming the oxygen of the indoor environment. This system makes the stove a more efficient and safer product.

Always connected with WI-FI application

All our models of pellet stoves, inserts and fireplaces connect directly to the Wi-fi network. This way you can manage the operation of your pellet product completely remotely, thanks to the internet connection. In fact, all you need to do is download the Jolly Mec Wifi app, which allows you to control all the functions of the stove, easily and intuitively.
You will be able to control your pellet product completely remotely, wherever you are.

  • Turn the stove on and off
  • Adjust the power
  • Set and adjust the heating temperature
  • Receive alerts and notifications about the status of the product
  • Receive remote assistance from a trained technician

J-EVO 3® Patented
self-cleaning burner

The J-EVO 3® self-cleaning burner is Jolly Mec's patented device that ensures better and more precise pellet combustion. In addition to quieter operation, J-EVO 3® ensures that brazier cleaning can be avoided (excess ash derived from combustion is pushed directly into the ash drawer).

for an even quieter stove

The Silent+ mode allows you to heat your surroundings naturally without the use of fans. This new technology eliminates noise and makes your pellet stove even quieter for the same amount of heat.

COMFORT technology, to heat the room quickly

Comfort technology is applied to some models of hydro pellet stoves and allows you to heat the room using only hot air. In fact, this system transforms the water stove into an air stove, excluding the heating system in other rooms. The Comfort system is particularly useful because it allows the room to be heated in a short time, without having to activate the system. Comfort technology is the winning solution even during the mid-season.

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